The Levitical priests (Ezek 48:13-48:14)

“Alongside the territory

Of the priests,

The Levites shall have

An allotment.

It shall be

Twenty-five thousand cubits

In length,

Ten thousand cubits

In width.

The whole length

Shall be

Twenty-five thousand cubits.

The whole width

Shall be

Twenty thousand cubits.

They shall not sell

Any of it.

They shall not exchange

Any of it.

They shall not transfer

This choice portion

Of the land.

It is holy

To Yahweh.”

Just like in chapter 44, Ezekiel separated the Levites from the priests of Zadok, yet they had an equal amount of living quarters. The Levites would have the opposite side of the sanctuary, next to the descendants of Zadok, with the same size of a portion, 25,000 cubits long and 10,000 cubits wide. Thus, the whole holy portion with the living quarters for the priests and the Levites would be 25,000 by 20,000 cubits, including the sanctuary portion also. These priests and Levites were not allowed to sell, exchange, or transfer any of this choice portion of the land, because it was the holy land of Yahweh.

The sanctuary plot of land (Ezek 45:2-45:2)

“Of this sacred land,

A square plot

Of five hundred cubits

By five hundred cubits

Shall be for the sanctuary.

There would be

Fifty cubits

For an open space

Around it.”

Only a portion of this large plot of land would be for the sanctuary. It was a rather small square area of 500 cubits on each side, or about 800 feet or less than 300 yards on each side, but still an imposing building. There was also to be 50 cubits of open space around it.