The meeting of Tobit and Raphael (Tob 5:10-5:10)

“Then Tobias went out and called him. He said.

‘Young man, my father is calling for you.’

So he went in to him. Tobit greeted him first. He replied.

‘Joyous greetings to you!’

However Tobit retorted.

‘What joy is left for me anymore?

I am a man without eyesight.

I cannot see the light of heaven.

I live in darkness like the dead who no longer see the light.

Although still alive,

I am among the dead.

I hear people but I cannot see them.’

However, the young man said.

‘Take courage!

The time is near for God to heal you.

Take courage!’

Then Tobit said to him.

‘My son Tobias wishes to go to Media.

Can you accompany him and guide him?

I will pay you wages, brother.’

He answered.

‘I can go with him.

I know all the roads.

I have often gone to Media.

I have crossed all its plains.

I am familiar with its mountains and all of its roads.’”

Tobit wanted to meet the man who would lead his son to Media. Tobias went out to get him, saying that his father wanted to talk to him. When they met, Tobit greeted Raphael first. Then when Raphael responded with a joyful greeting, Tobit took offence. He wanted to know how he could be joyful since he was blind. He could not see the light of heaven. He was like a dead man, living in darkness. He could hear but he could not see. Raphael tells him to have courage.   Soon God would heal him. Then Tobit wanted to know if he would accompany his son Tobias to Media. Once again, like he had just told Tobias, he maintained he knew all the roads to Media and that he had been there often. So far so good, except for the joyful greeting.