King Antiochus VI favors Jonathan (1 Macc 11:57-11:59)

“Then the young King Antiochus wrote to Jonathan, saying.

‘I confirm you in the high priesthood.

I set you over the four districts.

I make you one of the friends of the king.’

He sent him a gold plate and a table service. He granted him the right to drink from gold cups, dress in purple, and wear a gold buckle. He appointed Jonathan’s brother Simon governor from the Ladder of Tyre to the borders of Egypt.”

The young King Antiochus VI wrote to Jonathan to confirm him in his high priesthood. He even added a district to the 3 districts he already had, probably that of Ekron. He continued to be a friend of the king. Also he sent him a gold plate and the right to drink from the gold cup. He also could dress in purple and wear the gold buckle that he already had. On top of that he appointed his brother to be governor of the territory from Tyre to the Egyptian border along the Mediterranean Sea. The text does not indicate the age of the young king but he is called young. Trypho seemed to be in charge.