The southern gate and the vestibule (Ezek 40:24-40:27)

“Then he led me

Toward the south.

There was a gate

On the south.

He measured

Its pilasters,

With its vestibule.

They had the same dimensions

As the others.

There were windows

All around in it

In its vestibule.

They were

Like the windows

Of the others.

Its depth was

fifty cubits.

Its width was

Twenty-five cubits.

There were seven steps

Leading up to it.

Its vestibule

Was on the inside.

It had palm trees

On its pilasters,

One on either side.

There was a gate

On the south

Of the inner court.

He measured

From gate to gate

Toward the south,

A hundred cubits.”

The southern gate and its vestibule was similar to the northern and eastern gates and vestibules mentioned above. The bronze man measured and found out that these southern pilasters and vestibules had the same dimensions as the northern and eastern vestibules. The southern windows were also the same as on the north and east side. This southern vestibule was 50 cubits deep and 25 cubits wide, the same as the northern gate, about 80 feet by 40 feet. The 7 steps were the same as on the other sides, as well as the palm trees on the pilasters. This south side also had the double gate system, so that is was about 100 cubits, 160 feet, from this southern gate to the inner court, just like the other 2 situations.

The gold of King Solomon (2 Chr 9:13-9:14)

“The weight of gold that came to King Solomon in one year was six hundred sixty-six talents of gold, besides that which the traders and the merchants brought. All the kings of Arabia and the governors of the land brought gold and silver to King Solomon.

Once again, based on 1 Kings, chapter 10, we find out about the richness of King Solomon. He had a lot of gold, based on the weight and value of 666 talents of gold, about 3 billion dollars USA, $3,000,000,000.00. This did not include all the gold that was given to him from various kings, merchants and governors. He was a very rich man. It is interesting to note that some Christians have taken the number 666 to be some sort of demonic force. Here it is the amount of talents of gold that Solomon got. I guess you might say that the gold is demonic.