Stumbling blocks (chapter 14)

Do not be a stumbling block to your brother.  Nothing is unclean in itself.  However, you should not injure another by what you eat.  Good is not evil.  The kingdom of God is about the Holy Spirit.  Serve Christ and be acceptable to God.  Pursue peace.  Everything is clean, but do not make your brother stumble for the sake of food.  You have your own correct faith, so that faith is important.  Anything not coming from faith is sin.  Have you ever put a stumbling block in the way of your brother?

Children of the light (chapter 13)

Paul said that they were children of the light.  They should wake up and put on the armor of light.  The hour of salvation is nearby.  The day is at hand.  Therefore, there should be no more reveling, drunkenness, debauchery, licentiousness, quarreling, or jealousy.  They were to live honorably by putting on Jesus Christ.  They were to live and die for Christ.  Do you live in the light of Christ?

Love fulfills the law (chapter 13)

Paul said that they should not owe anyone.  Christians are no longer under the law of Moses, but under the grace of God.  They do not need to live under the law because their minds have been renewed.  They should love one another.  They know instinctively what God wants from them.  The law then provides an objective standard for judging progress in the lifelong process of renewal.  Love is a summary of the commandments. Thus, love fulfills the law.  Do you fulfill the law of love?

Obedience to civil authority (chapter 13)

Paul said that the Christian Romans were to obey government authorities.  They should not resist authority, because all authority comes from God.  They should live a life of good conduct, accepting the role of authority.  Rulers, who are God’s servants, help to bring about good conduct, since they execute the wrath of God.  However, there was room for the role of conscience.  They should pay taxes and pay everyone.  They should honor those who are due honor.  Do you respect civil authorities?