The Law and the kingdom

Jesus then told the parable of the dishonest house manager who had been wasting things.  He was not going to be a manager any longer.  What was he to do?  He needed a plan.  He found out how much a person owed him and cut it in half.  He gave a discount to another debtor.  He was a shrewd one.  Jesus told them to make friends with the faithful ones who would give true riches.  Take care of other things because you cannot serve two masters.

God knows the heart of those who are lovers of money.  The good news is in the power of the law.  Watch out for adultery.  Jesus told the story of the rich man and Lazarus.  Lazarus was a poor man, so that the dogs licked his sores.  The rich man and Lazarus both died.  Father Abraham took Lazarus into his bosom, so that he had the good things of eternal life.  There were no switching places.  The rich man wanted to send Lazarus to warn his brothers, but Abraham said that they had Moses.  Someone from the dead would not make a difference.

Jesus spoke about temptations.  People should put a millstone around their necks rather than lead a brother into sin.  Forgiveness was necessary.  You had to increase faith much like a mustard seed that grows.  The slave should not sit at the table, but prepare the food without a thank you, because it was his duty.

Jesus cleansed the ten lepers on his way to Jerusalem.  The ten lepers asked for mercy to be cleansed.  However, only the cured Samaritan leper praised God.  What happened to other nine?  Only the foreigner returned, because of his faith.

Jesus said that the kingdom of God was near.  They would not see the Son of Man.  They were not to be deceived by false claims.  The Son of Man would come like lightning.  They would suffer because of their rejection.  Just like Noah when the flood destroyed them all, so it will be in the future.  Just like Lot, they should stay where they were.  You could gain or lose your life.  Half will be taken away.  Only one of two women will be taken.  Only one of two men in the field will be taken.  The eagles will be gathered ready to pounce.

Jesus told the parable about the widow and the bad judge.  They should pray.  The widow petitioned the bad judge for justice.  This judge had no regard for God or man, but this widow wore out this bad unrighteous judge.  Will God delay his coming?  Will the Son of Man find faith on earth?

Jesus told the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector.  The Pharisee prayed that he was not bad like other people, since he fasted and tithed, while the tax collector prayed for forgiveness.  Who was justified?  They were bringing infants to Jesus.  Jesus then told them that they had to be like children to enter the kingdom of God.

There was a rich ruler who asked Jesus what he had to do to gain eternal life.  Jesus wanted to know why he called him good?  He had followed all the commandments.  Then Jesus asked him to follow him.  The apostles had left their homes for an eternal reward.

The returning sinner

Herod wanted to kill Jesus.  Jesus said to go tell the fox Herod that the prophet would die in Jerusalem, because they would not respond.  A man with dropsy came to Jesus while he was at diner with the Pharisees.  Would he heal him on the Sabbath?  They were silent.  They wanted the places of honor, but Jesus told them to take the lowest place, and then they would be honored to move up.  They were to be humble with their diner invitations.  Invite the needy because there will a resurrection of the just.

Jesus told the parable of the great banquet.  The kingdom of God was like a great dinner banquet that was ready.  However, people gave excuses of why they could not come.  They had the excuses of buying new property, or new oxen, or taking a new wife.  He told his servants to get somebody in there, but there was still room.  They went to the highways and byways, so that none of the original invited ones would come.

Jesus explained the cost of discipleship.  Great crowds followed him.  To be a disciple they would have to bear the cross.  You had to figure out the cost of a building before you built something.  You could not build a foundation without money.  Otherwise you would not be able to finish it.  When you are preparing for war, you have to figure out the terms of peace.  Were they willing to renounce everything for Jesus?  If the salt loses its taste, throw the bad salt away.

As Jesus was eating with the tax collectors and sinners, he told this parable about the lost sheep.  A shepherd had one hundred sheep.  He lost one and then found it, so that there was rejoicing with his friends.  There is joy in heaven over one repentant sinner.  Jesus told the parable of the lost silver coin.  There would be rejoicing over the found coin, so too there will be joy over one repentant sinner. 

Then Jesus told the parable of the prodigal son.  A man had two sons.  The younger son wanted his inheritance.  He then squandered his property in a foreign country.  A The famine came, so that he ended up feeding pigs, although he had nothing to eat since he was dying of hunger.  He was a sinner, but he realized that the hired servants of his father had food to eat.  He decided to go home.  The father embraces his son, as he admitted that he was a sinner.  The son was to be dressed up with a fatted calf prepared for him.  The dead son was alive.  Now the oldest son wanted to know what was going on?  His father said that his brother had come home.  The older brother was angry because there had never been a party for him.  His younger brother had lived with prostitutes, while he was always with his father.  However, the father said that his lost brother had been found.

More parables

Jesus told the parable of the rich fool.  How would he divide his inheritance?  Who is the judge?  What should he do with his possessions?  This rich man wanted more storage space.  He then built new storage sheds.  Then he decided to eat, drink, and be merry.  What a fool!  He had the wrong treasure.

Do not be anxious about food and clothing.  They are more valuable than birds.  Can anyone add anything to their life by being anxious?  The lilies of the field do not worry.  Men of little faith, they should not worry about food and drink.  Everybody needs food and clothing, but seek the kingdom, and then their Father will build up treasures in heaven and in their heart.

Jesus said to be ready!  Wait for the master!  The lord will be pleased.  Blessed are those slaves who watch for the thief, because the Son of Man is coming.  There were the faithful and unfaithful servant slaves.  Who is the wise manager?  Blessed is the good servant!  He will be put him in charge of everything.  The unwise slave will receive a punishment, a beating.

Jesus will be a cause for division, not peace.  There will be fire on earth with a stressful baptism to come.  Family members would be divided.  They should know the signs of the time.  They can tell when a rain shower is coming because of the southern hot wind.  Thus, they will interpret the present time with a good judgment. 

They should settle their case so that they will not go to jail.  They were to remember Pilate and the Galileans, sin and punishment.  Therefore, they should repent.  Otherwise, they will end up like those who died at the Tower of Siloam.

Jesus told the parable about the barren fig tree.  He wanted to cut the tree down, but was persuaded to wait another year.

Jesus was teaching in the synagogue, when a woman with an infirmity for eighteen years wanted to be cured from her infirmity.  Jesus laid hands on her, but this was on the Sabbath.  Jesus called them hypocrites because they would not let him heal this daughter of Abraham.  Thus, they were shamed.

Jesus told the parable of the mustard seed that was like the kingdom of God.   The parable of the leaven yeast was also like the kingdom of God.  On the way to Jerusalem, they asked Jesus how many people would be saved?  Jesus said that it was a narrow door.  He will say where are you from?  They will say that they ate and drank with him.  However, he will say that I do not know you.  Then you will weep!  They will come from all directions.  The first shall be last.

Jesus and the devil

Jesus cured a mute demoniac.  However, they claimed that he cast out demons by Beelzebul.  They wanted a sign from heaven that he had divine power.  Jesus responded that a divided kingdom cannot last.  If Satan was divided, how do their judges cast out demons.  The finger of God is like an armed strong man.  He can attack whenever he wanted.  The unclean spirit can return and the person can end up in a worst state then when he started out.  True happiness, is not from bearing Jesus in the womb, but from keeping the word of God.

The sign of Jonah is like the Son of Man.  The queen of the South and the people of Nineveh knew that.  Jesus told the parable of the lamp.  The lit lamp is like an eye that lights up a person’s life.  Then they would be full of light.

Jesus showed the hypocrisy of the Pharisees when he had dinner with them.  The Pharisees were amazed, but he pointed out that the outside of the cup was not that important.  They were like fools who think that almsgiving will make them clean.  Tithing is good, but they want the best seats.  They were like graves.  Jesus reproached them because they loaded others with burdens.  They built the good-looking tombs.  They can be witnesses to the wisdom of God, because they shed the blood of the prophets and Abel.  The lawyers take away knowledge.  In the after party they had a disputed conversation.  They were watching Jesus, but he said that they should be aware of the Pharisees themselves.  Soon all would be revealed.

They should not be afraid.  They should watch out for Gehenna.  They were more valuable than sparrows.  The hairs of their head were numbered.  They should acknowledge Jesus Christ.  What happens when they deny Jesus?  Don’t worry.  However, if you blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, that is a problem.

Journey to Jerusalem

Jesus then headed out to Jerusalem, but he had to pass through a Samaritan village that did not receive him.  John and James wanted to set it on fire, but Jesus said no, so they went to another village.

Jesus laid out his demands for his followers.  There would be no home for Jesus.  He would proclaim the kingdom.  They were to say good bye if they were not ready for the kingdom of God.

The seventy disciples were sent out on a mission as the laborers for the harvest.  They would be like lambs among the wolves.  They would carry very little with them.  They would say peace to this house and the peace would stay there.  They were to remain in the same house and not move around.  They were to eat whatever they got, as they spoke about the kingdom of God.  As for the non-accepting towns, they were to wipe the dust off their feet, because that town would be worse than Sodom.  Then Jesus cursed the Galilean cities of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum.  He would be more tolerant towards Tyre and Sidon, because those Galilean cities had rejected Jesus.

Meanwhile, the seventy disciples returned.  They said that the demons had submitted to them.  Even Satan fell.  Nothing was hurting them because their name was in heaven.  They rejoiced in the Holy Spirit.  The Father and the Son blessed their eyes.  Many people wanted to hear and see what they had seen.

Jesus told them what the great commandment was in order to gain eternal life.  What is written in the law?  The great commandment is to love God and love your neighbor, the right answer.  Who is my neighbor?  Jesus told the story of the man who got beat up.  The priest and the Levite passed by, but a Samaritan stopped and cared for him.  He paid for his upkeep.  Which was a neighbor?  He was to go and do like the good Samaritan.

Jesus visited Martha and Mary.  Martha wanted her sister Mary to help her because she was troubled, but Mary had chosen the better portion.

His disciple asked Jesus to teach them to pray.  His response was to teach them the Our Father or Lord’s prayer that is addressed to the Father.  They wanted their daily bread as well as forgiveness at the time of their trial.

They were to persevere in prayer.  After a friendly request, a person responded that he had nothing to serve.  Besides the door was locked.  Nevertheless, he would get up.  Ask and they would receive, whether it was a fish or an egg.  Even evil people give good gifts.

The mission of the Twelve

Jesus told about the power of the twelve apostles.  They were to go preaching, but they were to take nothing.  They were to stay wherever they went.  If someone refused them, they were to shake off the dust of their feet.  They were on a mission of preaching and healing.  Herod the tetrarch of Galilee thought that Jesus was like Elijah or the other ancient prophets, but he wanted to see Jesus.

The multiplication of the loaves took place at Bethsaida.  The crowd followed Jesus until late in the day.  However, there was not enough food to feed five thousand people.  They all sat down, while Jesus blessed the loaves and fishes.  After this distribution, they had leftovers.

Jesus asked Peter who did people say that he was.  Peter responded that many people thought that he was one of the risen prophets.  Jesus told Peter not to tell anyone about the prediction about his death and resurrection.

Jesus told them to take up their cross and follow him.  They could save or lose their life.  They could gain the whole world, and yet be ashamed of God.  The kingdom of God was coming soon.

Jesus took his three trusted apostles to pray.  While on the mountain, Jesus’ face was changed or transfigured.  Then Moses and Elijah appeared as they had a conversation about the future.  Peter and the others saw the glory of Jesus, so that he wanted to make three tents.  Then a cloud overshadowed them and they heard a voice say that this is my son.  These apostles said nothing and kept silent.

Jesus healed a boy before a great crowd. This man said that a spirit had seized his son.  However, the disciples could not cast out this evil spirit.  Jesus was upset, so that Jesus himself cured the son.  Everyone was astonished.  Jesus said that the Son of Man would be delivered to men, but they did not understand it.

The disciples asked who was the greatest?  Jesus then placed a little child in front of them.  Whoever welcomed the little child would be the greatest.  They should not forbid the non-followers of Jesus to perform miracles in his name, because whoever was not against you, was for you.

The parables

Jesus then told the parable of the sower for the whole crowd.  Some of the seeds were on a path, some on the rocks, and some among the thorns.  However, some of these seeds were on good soil.  They were to listen to this parable, his disciples asked him what this parable meant.  Thus, Jesus explained the parable so that they could understand it.  The seeds were the word of God.   The seeds on the path are those who do not believe.  The seeds on the rock have no roots.  The seeds among the thorns were choked.  Finally, the good soil bears fruit.  Jesus then told the parable of the lamp.  The lit lamp was on a stand, so that there would be no more secrets.  They were to give more to those who already have a lot.

The relatives of Jesus, his mother and brothers, wanted to see Jesus.  However, Jesus said that a true family member hears and does the word.  Then Jesus set out at sea to get to the other side.  However, a storm on the lake came up, but Jesus calmed the sea.  They were amazed at Jesus.  

When they got to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, a demoniac from the tombs met them at Gerasenes.  This demoniac did not want Jesus to torment him.  This man was possessed with a legion of demons.  These demons did not want to go into the abyss.  Instead Jesus sent them into a herd of swine who then went into the lake or sea.  The swine herdsmen told everyone what happened to their flock of pigs.  The possessed man was fine since he was healed.  They asked Jesus to leave them.  The cured demoniac wanted to follow Jesus, but Jesus told him to proclaim the works of Jesus in his home area.

The crowds waited for Jesus.  Jairus sent Jesus an invitation to come to his house to cure his daughter.  However, there was a woman with flowing blood who touched the garment of Jesus.  Jesus realized that someone had touched him, since power had left him.  She was immediately cured because her faith healed her.  Meanwhile the daughter of Jairus died, but Jesus told him not to fear.  The favorite apostles of Jesus went with him.  Jesus said that she was only sleeping.  They laughed at Jesus, but then Jesus told the little girl to get up and give her something to eat.  The astonished parents were silent.

The healings

Jesus went to Capernaum.  He met a Roman centurion whose slave was ill.  Thus, he sent the Jewish elders to tell Jesus that he was a worthy man, because he had built a synagogue.  However, this Roman centurion said that he was not worthy, but just say the word and he could cure his slave.  He understood how authority worked.  The faith of this centurion meant that the slave became well.

Jesus went to Nain.  A widow’s son had died.  The Lord had compassion for her.  Jesus told the young man to rise up.  Then the dead man spoke.  They called Jesus a great prophet as his fame increased.

The disciples of John the Baptist sent two disciples to Jesus.  They knew that Jesus was curing people.  Jesus told them to tell John what they have seen.  Jesus was not offensive when he spoke about John.  What did you go out to see?  John was more than a prophet.  He was his messenger.  No one is greater than John the Baptist.  Jesus had been baptized by John.  However, the Pharisees and lawyers rejected John.  The people of this generation were like children playing in the marketplace.  John the Baptist was not the Son of Man, but he had wisdom.

Jesus was eating with the Pharisees when a sinning woman with oil came in.  She anointed the feet of Jesus.  The Pharisees thought that Jesus should have known that she was a sinner.  Jesus then had something to say about two debtors.  Both of them had a debt forgiven.  However, one was forgiven more.  Jesus said that she was more concerned about him than they were.  Jesus did not get any kisses or an anointing on his head.  She would be forgiven much, so that her sins are forgiven.  They thought who can forgive sins except God?  Jesus, however, said that her faith had saved her.  Jesus was preaching the good news, but there were some women with Jesus including Mary Magdalene and other women who helped out.

The sermon on the plain

A great crowd gathered on a plain field.  Jesus cured the unclean spirits with his healing power.  Then he said Blessed are the poor!  Blessed are the hungry!  Blessed are those who weep!  Blessed are those who suffer for the Son of Man!  Rejoice!  Woe to the rich!  Woe to those who are full now!  Woe to the laughers!  Woe to the false prophets!  Love your enemies!  Bless those who curse you!  Pray for those who abuse you!  Offer the other cheek!  Offer your shirt!  Give to beggars!  Do not ask for your goods back!  Do go to others!  Love!  Even sinners do some good.  Be careful lending money.  Love your enemies!  God is kind!  Be merciful!  Do not judge!  Do not condemn!  Forgive others!  Give to others!

They were not to be the blind leading the blind.  The disciple was not better than the teacher.  Watch for the speck and the log in your eye and then your brother’s eye.  There were good and the bad trees.  You know them by their fruit.  Thus, you will know the good and the evil men.  They were to do what he told them.  There were to hear the word and do it.  They were to build well because a house with no foundation will not last.

Galilean ministry

Jesus, after his temptations, went to Galilee, where he taught in the synagogues there.  Jesus went to Nazareth to preach, using the scroll of Isaiah the prophet.  He read a citation from Isaiah.  Then he sat down and said that this scripture had been fulfilled.  However, some noticed that he was Joseph’s son.  They asked him to heal himself.  Jesus noted that a prophet was not accepted in his own country.  He gave the example of the famine at the time of Elijah and the lepers at the time of Elisha.  They became angry and tried to kill Jesus, but he escaped.

Jesus then went to Capernaum, where he spoke with authority.  An unclean spirit spoke out to say that Jesus was the Holy One of God, but Jesus rebuked the demon.  He controlled the unclean spirits, so that word about him spread throughout the surrounding area.

Jesus went to Simon’s house.  He cured his mother-in-law.  Then he performed other healings.  The demons recognized Jesus.  Jesus was at a lonely place, yet he preached the gospel.  Jesus went fishing with Simon and his friends at Gennesaret.  The fishermen were washing their nets, so that Jesus was teaching from the boat.  He told them to go fishing.  They said that there was no fish there.  However, they had a big haul of fish, so that they were overloaded with fish.  Simon Peter admitted that he was a sinner.  He was amazed at the catch of fish, so that Jesus said that they should be catchers of people.  Thus, they followed Jesus.

Jesus cured a man with leprosy, but told him not to tell anyone.  The people listened to Jesus as he went to pray.  The Pharisees came to Jesus.  There was a paralyzed man who came down through the roof.  Jesus forgave him his sins, but the others said that only God could forgive sins.  Then Jesus asked why did they question him?  Was it easier to say go home because you are cured or your sins are forgiven?  Then he told the man to go home.  He left glorifying God with great amazement.

Levi the tax collector was at his toll booth, but he followed Jesus.  Jesus then had dinner with some tax collectors and other sinners.  Jesus said that he was not sent to help the well people, but the sick people, not the righteous, but the sinners.

The disciples of John the Baptist fasted, but the disciples of Jesus did not.  Jesus explained that the bridegroom was here now, so that there would be fasting in the future.  He talked about repairing garments and wineskins with the problem of new and old wine.

Some of the disciples of Jesus were eating grain on the Sabbath.  Was this unlawful?  What did David do?  Jesus explained the example of David.  Then he said that he was the Lord of the Sabbath.

A man with a withered hand was in the synagogue when Jesus was preaching.  Would Jesus heal on the Sabbath?  Jesus responded about what can be done on the Sabbath.  Could you heal a person’s hand?  Jesus then chose his twelve apostles.  First, he was at prayer.  Luke listed the names of the top six apostles, then four more, and finally the last two apostles.