Different graces (chapter 4)

Paul said that each one had a different grace or gift from Christ.  There were many gifts given to humans.  Christ has descended into the lower parts of the earth, but he has also ascended to the highest heaven.  Thus, Christ might fill all things.  However, there were different gifts, such as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.  All worked for the one ministry to build up the body of Christ.

Unified Christians (chapter 4)

Paul began to talk about morality based on the unity in the Body of Christ.  Paul was a prisoner of the Lord.  He wanted the Ephesians to lead a worthy life.  They should be meek and patient, bearing with one another, maintaining a peaceful unity of the Spirit.  There was one body, one spirit, one hope, one faith, one baptism, one Lord, one God, and one Father.  

Paul’s prayer for the church (chapter 3)

Paul said that he bent his knees before God the Father.  We take our name from God.  God gives us inner strength.  Thus, Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith.  Rooted and grounded in love, we might have the power to comprehend within our holy community the breath, length, height, and depth of Jesus Christ.  The love of Jesus surpasses all knowledge.  Thus, we might be filled with God, so that we can then accomplish more than we think.  We give glory to God in the church of Jesus both now and forever.  Amen.

The mission to the gentiles (chapter 3)

Paul said that the gentiles are now the fellow heirs to the kingdom of God.  They are members of the same body as they join with Jesus Christ in his gospel.  Paul was a servant of this gospel by a gift of God, so that he was able to work his power as a missionary.  However, Paul was the very least of the holy saintly followers of Jesus.  He was to preach to the gentiles about the unbelievable richness of Jesus Christ.  He was to reveal the hidden mystery of God.  Due to Jesus Christ, the rich wisdom of God will be made known to all in heaven and on earth.  They would know the eternal purpose of God that was revealed in Jesus Christ.  By faith, they would have access to God.  In the meantime, they were not to lose heart over his suffering.

The new church (chapter 2)

All now have access to the Father and the Holy Spirit.  They are no longer strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens and members of God’s house.  The foundation of this new church was built on the apostles and prophets, but Christ was the cornerstone.  This is now a growing holy temple in the Lord.  We are going to build this together into a dwelling place of God and the Holy Spirit.

The coming of Jesus Christ (chapter 2)

Paul explained that these gentiles were once far off, but now are near because of the blood of Jesus Christ.  Christ has broken down the walls of hostility that divided Jews from gentiles.  Christ has abolished the law.  Thus, we might be reconciled in God through the cross.  Christ has put to death hostility among humans.  Christ preached peace to both those near and far.  

Death to life with Christ (chapter 2)

Paul explained about Jesus Christ.  We were dead, but Jesus Christ made us come alive.  Sins had killed us.  We had walked with the disobedient ones in this world, following the prince of power.  We lived by our human fleshy desires.  We were children of wrath, like everyone else.  However, God in his mercy and love made us come alive with Christ.  His grace has saved us.  God has raised us up, so that we will sit in heaven with Jesus Christ.  God’s grace and kindness will come to us in the future because of Jesus Christ.  His rich grace has saved us.  We have been saved by faith, but it is not our own doing, but the gift of God.  We cannot boast because of what we have done.  God has created us in Jesus Christ for good works.  We simply have to walk with Jesus Christ.

Paul’s prayer (chapter 1)

Paul said that he had heard of their faith.  He remembered them in his prayers.  He prayed that God would give them a spirit of wisdom.  He wanted them to get a revelation about knowledge of Jesus Christ, so that their hearts might be enlightened.  They had hope in their inheritance.  The power of God has been given to them.  God showed his power when he raised Jesus Christ from the dead.  Jesus Christ now sits at the right hand of God.  Christ is above everyone, the past, the present, and the future.  Jesus is the head of all things in the church, which is his body.