An analysis of the problem (chapter 2)

Paul then asked if they died to the cosmic elemental forces, why did they still submit to these human regulations in this world? Why did they follow the demands of handling, touching, and tasting?  These are all human perishable commands that appear to be wise, pious, humble, and self-imposed severe treatment of the body, but they are useless.  They have no value.  They will not help them with their own self-indulgence.

Warnings against human Jewish observances (chapter 2)

Paul said that they should not be condemned because of what they ate or drank.  They were not tied to Jewish observances and festivals.  All those activities are only a shadow of the substance that is Christ.  They were not to be discouraged.  They did not have to worry about self-abasement, angel worship, visions, or human thinking.  Instead, they should cling to Christ, the head and the body.  The whole Christian body is nourished and held together by its ligaments, as it grows with a growth that comes from God.

Spiritual circumcision (chapter 2)

Paul said that they had received a spiritual circumcision in Christ.  They were buried in baptism.  Then they rose with Christ through faith and the power of God.  They were dead with their trespasses and uncircumcision, but then God made them come alive.  He forgave all their sins, erasing all their past record, as he nailed their sins to the cross.  God also disarmed all the human rulers and triumphed over them.

The struggle for others (chapter 2)

Paul said that he was struggling for many people that he has never met.  He wanted them to be encouraged and united in love.  Thus, they might have a good understanding and knowledge of God’s mystery, Jesus Christ.  All the treasures of wisdom can be found in Christ.  They were not to be deceived by other people.  Even though he was not there, he was there in spirit.  He rejoiced in their firm faith in Christ.

Paul’s mission (chapter 1)

Paul was going to proclaim this gospel to every human creature.  He rejoiced in his suffering for them and the other Christian church communities.  He had become a servant of God through his commission to make the word of God known.  The mystery of God that had been hidden for generations but now has been revealed to God’s holy ones.  God has chosen him to make known the glory of God among the gentiles.  The hope of glory is the mystery of Jesus Christ, so that he proclaimed Christ.  He was warning and teaching everyone to help them attain a mature understanding of Jesus Christ.  God had inspired Paul to struggle and work with all his energy.

A hymn to the supremacy of Christ (chapter 1)

Paul said that Christ is the image of the invisible God.  He is the firstborn of all creation.  Everything was created in and for Christ, no matter whether it was visible or invisible.  Everything centers on Christ through him and for him.  Christ holds all things together, because he is the head of the body, the church community.  Christ has the first place in everything.  He was at the beginning and he is the first to rise from the dead.  The fullness of God dwells in Jesus Christ.  Thus, God has reconciled all things, whether on heaven or earth, through the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Continual prayer (chapter 1)

Paul said that he had not ceased praying for the followers of Christ at Colossae.  He wanted them to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will with a spiritual wisdom and understanding.  Thus, they would lead good lives, worthy of the Lord.  They too would bear fruit as they grew in knowledge, becoming strong and enduring.  They would give thanks to God the Father for their inheritance.  They were the saints of the light because God had rescued them from the power of darkness.  They now had redemption in the kingdom of his beloved Son.