Paul arrives in Jerusalem

Paul got a warm welcome in Jerusalem.  He visited James and the elders in Jerusalem.  Paul told them about his ministry among the gentiles, but they replied that there were thousands of Jewish Christians.  They had heard that Paul was telling the Jewish Christians to forget about Moses and the law.  The Jerusalem Jewish leaders knew that Paul was there.  The Jewish Christians in Jerusalem told Paul what to do.  Paul was to purify himself.  They had a letter for the gentile Christians.  Paul made a public announcement about his purification, and then the Jews from Asia showed up.  They said that Paul was against their own Jewish people, their law, and this Temple.  Paul had defiled the Temple with Trophimus the Ephesian.

The trip to Jerusalem

They sailed along the coastal islands on to Phoenicia.  They landed in Tyre and stayed with the disciples in Tyre.  After the farewell at Tyre, they boarded the ship and sailed to Ptolemais and Caesarea.  They stayed with Philip in Caesarea who had four prophetic daughters.  The prophet Agabus arrived and said that the Jews at Jerusalem wanted to capture Paul.  He told Paul not to go to Jerusalem.  Paul said that he was ready to die for Jesus.  After that, they all said to let the Lord’s will be done.  They started on their way to Jerusalem where they met Mnason of Cyprus.

Paul’s farewell speech to the elders of Ephesus

They all traveled by boat and land where they met at Assos, as it took four sailing days.  Paul wanted to celebrate Pentecost in Jerusalem.  Paul summoned the elders from Ephesus to Miletus.  Paul had lived with them, so he said that he had served the Lord.  He had proclaimed the message of Jesus.  He had testified to the Jews and the Greeks.  Now he was going to Jerusalem.  He wanted to finish his course.  He told them that they would not see him again.  He was not responsible any more.  He had told them everything.  They were to keep watch over the flock, because the wolves were coming.  Some of their own people would distort the truth.  He had warned them.  They were to build up their inheritance.  Paul did not want anything.  He had worked to support himself.  It was better to give than to receive.  Paul prayed with them and they wept together because they would not see him again.

The disturbance in Ephesus

There was a disturbance about the Jesus Way in Ephesus.  Demetrius, a silversmith, gathered the silver workers together.  He said that Paul was disrupting the silver idol-making trade, especially around the goddess of Artemis and her temple.  They were angry.  Thus, they grabbed Gaius and Aristarchus, fellow Christians with Paul.  Paul wanted to get involved, but some friendly local officials told Paul to stay away.  There was mass confusion.  Then Alexander the Jew asked for silence.  But they all cried out “Artemis of the Ephesians is great!”  The town clerk calmed things down by telling them not to do anything rash.  These people were not temple robbers.  He said that they could settle this in court, by using the regular lawful assembly.  There was nothing here to justify this commotion, so that the town clerk dismissed this unruly assembly.

Paul at Ephesus

Paul then went to Ephesus on his third journey.  He asked the followers of John the Baptist and Apollos if they had received the Holy Spirit?  They said that they only had the baptism of John for repentance.  Thus, they were baptized in the name of Jesus, and Paul laid hands on them.  There were twelve disciples of John, the same number as the apostles of Jesus.  Paul continued to argue in the Jewish synagogue in Ephesus and as well in the hall of Tyrannus.  Paul spoke in Ephesus for two years and performed many miracles.  Many people had touched Paul’s healing aprons.  Then a group of itinerant Jewish exorcists, the seven sons of Sceva, wanted to heal people in Ephesus.  The evil spirits asked who they were.  The man with the evil spirit praised Jesus.  Even the believers confessed their magic practices.  They burned their magic books, so that the word of God prevailed.  Paul had plans to travel more, but he stayed in Ephesus for a while.

Paul in Corinth

Paul then went to Corinth, where he met Aquila and Priscilla who were tentmakers like himself.  He argued at the Sabbath synagogue service as usual.  Then Silas and Timothy arrived in Corinth.  He said that he would go to the gentiles.  Titius Justus and Crispus became his followers.  The Lord told Paul in a vision not to be silent, because he was with him.  Paul stayed a year and a half in Corinth.  Paul was brought before the Roman Proconsul Gallio for having done things contrary to the Roman law.  However, the Proconsul Gallio interrupted Paul and said that he did not wish to judge these matters, so he dismissed them.  Then they seized Sosthenes, the ruler of the synagogue and beat him.