The anthropomorphic God and limited human life

In the sixth chapter of Genesis, God decided that he would limit the age of humans to 120 years, because the world was getting overly populated.  He should see it today!  Yahweh felt that these humans that he had created were evil.  He was sorry that he had made them.  He was tired of them, so that he did not want his spirit with them forever.  Thus, he decided to get rid of them all, including the animals and birds, as if they were somehow related to the humans and their evil ways.  The earth was corrupt and filled with violence, a theme heard among some Christians today.  Once again this was an anthropomorphic way to talk about God.  As God, Yahweh was often described as having hands, arms, feet, white hair, and a face, with a mouth and ears.  Various human attributes of different kinds of feelings were applied to the divine eternal God, so that he could communicate with humans.  How do you communicate with God?

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