The angel with the little open scroll (chapter 10)

Then John saw another mighty angel coming from heaven, wrapped in a cloud.  He had a rainbow over his head.  His face was like the sun.  His legs were like pillars of fire.  He had an open little scroll in his hand with his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land.  This angel shouted out like a lion roaring as seven thunders sounded.  John was about to write this down, but a voice from heaven told him to seal up what the seven thunders said.  This voice said “Do not write it down!”  The angel raised his right hand to heaven.  He swore by God that there should not be any more delay.  When the seventh trumpet sounded, the mystery of God would be fulfilled, as he had announced it through his servants, the prophets.  Have you ever been told not to write anything down?


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