The seven churches

Ephesus (chapter 2)

The Son of Man told the angel of the church in Ephesus that John should write these words down that come from the Son of Man who had the seven stars among the seven lampstands.  This is what he said to the church at Ephesus.  I know your works and your endurance.  You do not bear evil men.  You have tested those who claim to be apostles.  You bear things for my name.  You have not grown weary.  However, you have abandoned the love you had.  Remember you have fallen.  Repent!  Do what you did at first.  Otherwise, he was going to come to remove their lampstand.  It is good that you hate the Nicolaitans, which the Son of Man also hated.  He who has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says.  To those who conquer, they will get to eat of the tree of life in God’s paradise.  Have you abandoned your first love?


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