A thousand years before a second death

The end of Revelation has a millennium concept.  The dragon was sent to a bottomless pit and abyss.  He was locked up for a thousand years.  But then he was released.  He then made war against the people of God but lost.  He ended up like all the other beasts or evil ones in the fiery lake, to suffer there eternally.  They referred to this as the second death, the eternal death.  The term “second death” occurred here in Revelation four times.  The second death will not come to those who lived through the devil’s tribulation.  The second death was the lake of fire, since all the bad guys and beasts went there.  Christians have understood this second death, after human death, as the separation from God with some torment or destruction, an eternal pain.  However, some Christians interpret the second death as a cleansing period like a purgatory.  Have you ever heard the term “second death”?

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