Everybody loves Armageddon, since this is where the last great battle will take place.  According to the Book of Revelation, Armageddon was the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times, either a literal or a symbolic location.  Today it is used as a term to talk about nuclear war.  There really was a mountain or high hill of Megiddo in northern Israel, where real battles took place.  Despite all the talk about Armageddon, it only appears once in Revelation and the New Testament.  However, Megiddo was mentioned twelve times in the Old Testament, but it had no apocalyptic prophecies attached to it.  In fact, Revelation does not say that there will be a battle there, only that a bunch of kings gathered there.  Nevertheless, Armageddon has become the symbolic name for the end of the world.  What do you think that Armageddon means?


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