The reapers in Revelation

In the Book of Revelation, John saw a vision of reapers.  One was like the Son of Man who gathered from the earth.  The other was an angel then came to reap the clusters of grapes that remained.  This angel then put them into the winepress of the wrath of God.  The first reaper harvested the first fruits to God.  They were all the people who had been consecrated to God.  This was the judgment day for all who had the name of Christ upon them, since their names were in his book of life.  The second angel came out of the heavenly temple with another sharp sickle.  Then a third angel followed.  He told the second angel to use his sickle to reap what Christ, the first reaper, had left on the vine.  The clusters of grapes, left by the first reaper, was harvested by the second reaper.  In the winepress, the grapes were pulped to extract the juice.  A simple winepress consisted of a large bin in which the grapes were trampled on barefoot. This bin had an outlet for the juice to run out into buckets or jars.  John did not tell us where the winepress of God’s wrath was, except to say it was outside of the eternal and heavenly city of God.  Blood instead of juice came from this wine press, so that John saw a great river of blood, death as opposed to the eternal life inside the City of God.  Would you like to be trampled like grapes for wine?

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