The False Prophet in Revelation

There was a unique false prophet in Revelation.  He influenced people to worship the beast.  In this sense, he mimicked the Holy Spirit who leads people to worship Christ.  He called himself a Christian, but he magnified the power of the beast.  He seemed to legitimize his authority by performing great signs and wonders.  Jesus Christ himself and the apostle Paul warned us about these false prophets.  Satan and his followers generally mimicked God and his servants.  Thus, Satan’s servants were called false apostles who disguised themselves as servants of the righteousness.  Satan himself appeared as an angel of light, meaning that he pretended to be holy and truthful in order to deceive, like counterfeit money.  Some Christian leaders were deceptive, saying one thing and doing something else.  Other Christian leaders have embraced civil religion or nationalism as the way to salvation.  False prophets arise all the time.  We have to be aware of them.  They pretend to be Christians, but are only concerned about themselves and their evil ways.  Have you ever met a false Christian?

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