Babylon in Revelation

One of the great disputes about Revelation among many scholars is about the fall of Babylon.  First, there was the historic city of Babylon and the Jewish Babylonian captivity.  The Babylonians fell to the Persians.  However, most scholars tend to look at Babylon as a veiled reference to either Rome or Jerusalem.  The favorite is Rome, either at the time of Emperor Nero in the 60s CE or Emperor Domitian in the 90s CE.  Some Jewish writers had referred to Rome as Babylon.  The seven hills and the blood in the streets would indicate Rome and the Roman persecution of the Christians.  Rome was also a world power, as a pagan metropolis.  However, Jerusalem also fits this description of Babylon.  This great city of Jerusalem was where Jesus was crucified. The early or first Christian martyrs took place in Jerusalem with the stoning of the early Jewish followers of Jesus Christ.  The Israelite prophets often described Jerusalem as unfaithful.  The fiery destruction could apply to Jerusalem in the 70s CE, as the Romans destroyed that city.  Besides, there was a great emphasis on the new Jerusalem as opposed to the old Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation.  Perhaps, it is a little of both.  What do you think about Rome and Jerusalem as the city of Babylon?

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