The beast of the sea

The beast out of the sea was also in Revelation.  This beast deceived people because it was alive or appeared to have life.  The sea was often used to symbolize all humans.  The beast of the sea was given life by the beast of the earth.  Both the sea and earth beast were under Satan’s control.  This leopard-like beast with ten horns and seven heads served the dragon.  He blasphemed against God and heaven.  He led the whole world into evil, making war against the Christian saints.  These heads, horns, and crowns were signs of political authority, military might, and financial dominion, like a world superpower.  This beast had a deadly wound in one head, but it healed.  The tribulations inflicted by this beast were severe, but temporary.  The big red dragon granted great authority to the beast.  This was the classic battle between good and evil.  The beast and his followers were able to imprison and kill the holy ones, but in the end, he was imprisoned and killed.  Do you see Revelation as the battle between good and evil?

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