The Wormwood star

The wormwood star was mentioned in Revelation.  The Wormwood star appeared when the third angel got involved.  Wormwood means bitterness.  Thus, this bitter star fell into a third of the rivers, poisoning them.  This star was like a toxic meteorite that poisoned water supplies.  However, this star had a key to unlock the abyss.  It’s hard to say what exactly the wormwood star is supposed to be, or if we can predict what it will be before it arrives.  This image of bitterness fits with the idea that the wormwood star made water bitter, like putting a toxic root or plant into a well.  The people eating or drinking from this wormwood water were being punished for sins, individual sins, or collective ones that the nation of Israel had committed.  C.S. Lewis used Wormwood as one of his characters in his novel, The Screwtape Letters in 1942.  Did you ever hear about wormwood?

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