Eat the little scroll! (Rev 10:9)

“I went to

That angel.

I told him

To give me

The little scroll.

He said to me.

‘Take it!

Eat it!

It will be bitter

To your stomach,

But will be


As honey

In your mouth.’”

καὶ ἀπῆλθα πρὸς τὸν ἄγγελον, λέγων αὐτῷ δοῦναί μοι τὸ βιβλαρίδιον. καὶ λέγει μοι Λάβε καὶ κατάφαγε αὐτό, καὶ πικρανεῖ σου τὴν κοιλίαν, ἀλλ’ ἐν τῷ στόματί σου ἔσται γλυκὺ ὡς μέλι.

Paul said, “I went (καὶ ἀπῆλθα) to that angel (πρὸς τὸν ἄγγελον).  I told him (λέγων αὐτῷ) to give me (δοῦναί μοι) the little scroll (τὸ βιβλαρίδιον).  He said to me (καὶ λέγει μοι).  ‘Take it (Λάβε)!  Eat it (καὶ κατάφαγε αὐτό)!  It will be bitter (καὶ πικρανεῖ) to your stomach (σου τὴν κοιλίαν), but (ἀλλ’) will be sweet (ἔσται γλυκὺ) as honey (ὡς μέλι) in your mouth (ἐν τῷ στόματί σου).’”  This is the only use of this Greek word that appears only in Revelation and not in any other canonical biblical NT writing, the word βιβλαρίδιον, that means a little book or a little papyrus roll.  John said that he went over to the angel with his feet on the land and in the sea with the outstretched hand to heaven.  He told the angel to give him that little open scroll that he had in his other hand.  Then this angel told John to take the scroll and eat it.  It would be sweet in his mouth, but bitter in his stomach.  This is lot like the prophet Ezekiel, chapter 3:1-3, “Yahweh said to me, ‘Son of man!  Eat what is offered to you!  Eat this scroll!  So, I opened my mouth.  He gave me the scroll to eat.  He said to me, ‘Son of man!  Eat this scroll that I give you!  Fill your stomach with it!’  Then I ate it.  It was as sweet as honey in my mouth.”  Yahweh told Ezekiel to eat a scroll.  Then Ezekiel ate the scroll that tasted as sweet as honey in his mouth.  Now Ezekiel was able to speak the word of God.  Perhaps that same applied here to John who would become a prophet of God.  Have you ever eaten any paper?


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