Do not write it down! (Rev 10:4)

“When the seven thunders

Had sounded,

I was about

To write,

But I heard

A voice

From heaven


‘Seal up

What the seven thunders

Have said.

Do not write it down!’”

Καὶ ὅτε ἐλάλησαν αἱ ἑπτὰ βρονταί, ἤμελλον γράφειν· καὶ ἤκουσα φωνὴν ἐκ τοῦ οὐρανοῦ λέγουσαν Σφράγισον ἃ ἐλάλησαν αἱ ἑπτὰ βρονταί, καὶ μὴ αὐτὰ γράψῃς.

John said, “When the seven thunders (αἱ ἑπτὰ βρονταί) had sounded (Καὶ ὅτε ἐλάλησαν), I was about to write it (ἤμελλον γράφειν), but I heard (καὶ ἤκουσα) a voice (φωνὴν) from heaven (ἐκ τοῦ οὐρανοῦ) saying (λέγουσαν), ‘Seal up (Σφράγισον) what the seven thunders (αἱ ἑπτὰ βρονταί) have said (ἃ ἐλάλησαν).  Do not write it down (καὶ μὴ αὐτὰ γράψῃς).’”  John indicated that when the seven thunders or spirits had sounded or spoke, he was going to write down what they said.  However, he heard an unspecified voice from heaven tell him not to write what they were saying.  Instead, he was to seal up what they had said and not write about it.  Something about the seven thunders was not right.  It was not to be written down.  Has someone ever told you not to keep a record of what they just said?


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