The locusts were like horses (Rev 9:7)

“In appearance,

The locusts were

Like horses

Equipped for battle.

On their heads

Were what looked like

Crowns of gold.

Their faces

Were like human faces.”

καὶ τὰ ὁμοιώματα τῶν ἀκρίδων ὅμοιοι ἵπποις ἡτοιμασμένοις εἰς πόλεμον, καὶ ἐπὶ τὰς κεφαλὰς αὐτῶν ὡς στέφανοι ὅμοιοι χρυσῷ, καὶ τὰ πρόσωπα αὐτῶν ὡς πρόσωπα ἀνθρώπων,

John said, “In appearance (καὶ τὰ ὁμοιώματα), the locusts (τῶν ἀκρίδων) were like horses (ὅμοιοι ἵπποις) equipped (ἡτοιμασμένοις) for battle (εἰς πόλεμον).  On their heads (καὶ ἐπὶ τὰς κεφαλὰς αὐτῶν) were what looked like crowns of gold (ὡς στέφανοι ὅμοιοι χρυσῷ).  Their faces (καὶ τὰ πρόσωπα αὐτῶν) were like human faces (ὡς πρόσωπα ἀνθρώπων).”  Next John described these small stinging locusts.  They looked like horses getting ready to go to war.  They had small crowns of gold on their heads.  They even had human faces.  They were quite different from your run of the mill locusts.  In the prophet Joel, chapter 1, there was a swarm of locusts that cut down on their food supply.  John was very concerned about the appearance of these locusts.  Do you even know what a locust looks like?

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