You are wretched (Rev 3:17)

“You say,

‘I am rich.

I have prospered.

I need nothing.’

You do not realize

That you are wretched,




And naked.”

ὅτι λέγεις ὅτι Πλούσιός εἰμι καὶ πεπλούτηκα καὶ οὐδὲν χρείαν ἔχω, καὶ οὐκ οἶδας ὅτι σὺ εἶ ὁ ταλαίπωρος καὶ ἐλεεινὸς καὶ πτωχὸς καὶ τυφλὸς καὶ γυμνός,

John indicated that the Son of Man said, “You say (ὅτι λέγεις), ‘I am rich (ὅτι Πλούσιός εἰμι).  I have prospered (καὶ πεπλούτηκα).  I need nothing (καὶ οὐδὲν χρείαν ἔχω).’  You do not realize (καὶ οὐκ οἶδας) that you are (ὅτι σὺ εἶ) wretched (ὁ ταλαίπωρος), pitiable (καὶ ἐλεεινὸς), poor (καὶ πτωχὸς), blind (καὶ τυφλὸς), and naked (καὶ γυμνός).”  The Son of Man was mad about their pretentious wealth.  They claimed to be rich and not needing anything.  They did not realize the real situation that they were in.  They were really wretched, miserable, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked in the sight of God.  They thought that their wealth was a shield from all human problems.  They were wrong.  Just the opposite.  They were all the things that they thought that they were avoiding.  Do you think that wealth will solve your personal problems?

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