Epilogue (chapter 5)

This author said that we have confidence in God.  If we ask anything, God hears us.  He responds to our just requests.  If you see anyone committing sin, other than a moral or deadly sin, ask God to give him life and he will do so.  There is such a thing as a mortal or deadly sin.  All wrongdoing is a sin, but not all sins are killer mortal sins.  Those born of God do not sin.  God protects them from the evil one.  We are from God as his children.  However, the whole world lies under the power of the evil one.  We know that the Son of God has given us understanding with his coming.  Thus, we know who is true.  We are with the true one, Jesus Christ, the Son of the true God with eternal life.  Finally, stay away from idols.  Do you stay away from idol worship of material things?

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