The relationship between I Peter and 2 Peter

Another debate centers around the linguistic complexity and the relationship of 2 Peter to 1 Peter.  38.6 % of the words are common to 1 Peter and 2 Peter.  61.4% are peculiar to 2 Peter.  As for 1 Peter, 28.4% are common to both 1 and 2 Peter, while 71.6% are peculiar to 1 Peter.  However, pure statistical analysis is a weak way of showing literary relationship.  In both content and style, 2 Peter is very different from 1 Peter. The Greek style of 2 Peter is at times pretentiously elaborate, contrary to the style of the first epistle.  Its author was more familiar with various literary conventions, writing in a somewhat elevated Greek style, more like “Asiatic Greek”.  How do we explain these differences?  One way is simple.  There were two different people writing these letters.  Others hold that 2 Peter is a “testament” genre.  Another obvious answer might be that Peter used two different secretaries to write these two letters.  These documents may be the product of a single author using two different writers.  Are your letters all written in the same style?

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