Relationship with the Pauline letters

This letter 2 Peter refers to the Pauline epistles.  Thus, it must post-date at least some of them, regardless of authorship.  This letter also names the Pauline epistles as “scripture”.  This is the only time that a canonical New Testament work refers to another New Testament writing in any way.  Once again, this is an indication that this letter came after some of the Pauline letters.  The First Epistle of Clement (99 CE) cited as “scripture” several of the Pauline letters.  Was he inspired by 2 Peter?  Ignatius of Antioch (108 CE) also mentioned the Pauline letters.  Thus, we are sure that 2 Peter came after 1 Peter and some of the letters of Paul.  The question is how much later?  When do you think that it was written?

One thought on “Relationship with the Pauline letters

  1. […] AD 62 while he was in prison in Rome when he wrote to the believers in Ephesus. It is one of his Pauline Epistles. It is one of his Prison Letters. It was around the same time that he wrote to believers in Colosse […]

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