The flood (2 Pet 3:6)

“The world

Of that time

Was deluged

With water

And perished.”

δι’ ὧν ὁ τότε κόσμος ὕδατι κατακλυσθεὶς ἀπώλετο·

This author said, “The world (κόσμος) of that time (δι’ ὧν ὁ τότε) was deluged (κατακλυσθεὶς) with water (ὕδατι) and perished (ἀπώλετο).”  Among the canonical Greek New Testament writings, this is the only time that this word appeared in 2 Peter, the word κατακλυσθεὶς, that means to inundate, flood over, or overwhelm.  This author explicitly cited the story of Noah and the flood in Genesis, chapters 6-9.  The deluge or the flood destroyed the world at that long ago time.  The waters came and all people and everything perished, except for Noah and his family with all the animals.  Once again, reality for these Jewish Christians was what was in the book of Genesis.  What do you think about the flood at the time of Noah?

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