Second letter (2 Pet 3:1)


This is now

The second letter

I am writing

To you.

In these letters,

I am trying

To arouse

Your sincere attention

By reminding you.”

Ταύτην ἤδη, ἀγαπητοί, δευτέραν ὑμῖν γράφω ἐπιστολήν, ἐν αἷς διεγείρω ὑμῶν ἐν ὑπομνήσει τὴν εἰλικρινῆ διάνοιαν,

This author said, “Beloved (ἀγαπητοί)!  This is now (Ταύτην ἤδη) the second (δευτέραν) letter (ἐπιστολήν) I am writing (γράφω) to you (ὑμῖν).  In these letters (ἐν αἷς), I am trying to arouse (διεγείρω) your sincere attention (τὴν εἰλικρινῆ διάνοιαν) by reminding you (ὑμῶν ἐν ὑπομνήσει).”  This author noted that it was the second time that he had written a letter or epistle to them, presumably the same audience as the first letter.  Obviously, this is one of the main reasons that these two letters are called 1 Peter and 2 Peter.  He called the readers “beloved”, that was a common name for fellow Christians.  He explained his purpose for writing.  He was trying to get these Jewish Christians to wake up or pay attention to what he had been saying.  He wanted to remind them about the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Do you need to be reminded about the teachings of Jesus Christ?

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