Get rid of all evil things (1 Pet 2:1)


Rid yourselves

Of all malice,

And all guile,



And all slander.”

Ἀποθέμενοι οὖν πᾶσαν κακίαν καὶ πάντα δόλον καὶ ὑποκρίσεις καὶ φθόνους καὶ πάσας καταλαλιάς,

This author said, “Therefore, rid yourselves (Ἀποθέμενοι οὖν) of all malice (πᾶσαν κακίαν), and all guile (καὶ πάντα δόλον), insincerity (καὶ ὑποκρίσεις), envy (καὶ φθόνους), and all slander (καὶ πάσας καταλαλιάς).”  This author then listed all the bad things that they should stay away from.  They had to get rid of any kind of evil or deceitful things in their lives.  They should not be insincere or envious.  Finally, they should not slander or speak evil of other people.  There was a clear lifestyle of good and bad.  This was the bad evil lifestyle that was to be avoided.  Do you avoid evil things in your life?

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