Live in reverent fear (1Pet 1:17)

“If you invoke

As Father

The one who judges

All people


According to their deeds,


In reverent fear

During the time

Of your exile.”

καὶ εἰ Πατέρα ἐπικαλεῖσθε τὸν ἀπροσωπολήμπτως κρίνοντα κατὰ τὸ ἑκάστου ἔργον, ἐν φόβῳ τὸν τῆς παροικίας ὑμῶν χρόνον ἀναστράφητε,  

This author said, “If (καὶ εἰ) you invoke (ἐπικαλεῖσθε) as Father (Πατέρα) the one who judges (κρίνοντα) all people impartially (τὸν ἀπροσωπολήμπτως) according to their deeds (κατὰ τὸ ἑκάστου ἔργον), live (τὸν τῆς παροικίας) in reverent fear (ἐν φόβῳ) during the time (ὑμῶν χρόνον) of your exile (ἀναστράφητε).”  Only this author, 1 Peter, among all the canonical NT works used this word ἀπροσωπολήμπτως, that means not accepting the person, without respect of persons, without any preference, or partiality.  This author wanted his readers to invoke the name of God the Father.  God judged everyone impartially according to their own deeds.  In the meantime, they were to live in exile from their heavenly home, not just from Israel.  During this time, they should live in a reverent fear of God as they prepared for their eternal home.  Do you believe that you are in a time of exile?

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