The revelation to the prophets (1 Pet 1:12)

“It was revealed

To these prophets

That they were serving

Not themselves

But you,

In regard to the things

That now have been announced

To you,

Through those who brought you

Good news

By the Holy Spirit,

Sent from heaven.

You have seen things

About which angels

Long to see.”

οἷς ἀπεκαλύφθη ὅτι οὐχ ἑαυτοῖς ὑμῖν δὲ διηκόνουν αὐτά, ἃ νῦν ἀνηγγέλη ὑμῖν διὰ τῶν εὐαγγελισαμένων ὑμᾶς ἐν Πνεύματι Ἁγίῳ ἀποσταλέντι ἀπ’ οὐρανοῦ, εἰς ἃ ἐπιθυμοῦσιν ἄγγελοι παρακύψαι.

This author said “It was revealed to these prophets (οἷς ἀπεκαλύφθη) that they were serving (διηκόνουν) not themselves (ὅτι οὐχ ἑαυτοῖς) but you (ὑμῖν δὲ), in regard to the things (αὐτά) that now (ἃ νῦν) have been announced (ἀνηγγέλη) to you (ὑμῖν), through those who brought you the good news (διὰ τῶν εὐαγγελισαμένων ὑμᾶς) by the Holy Spirit (ἐν Πνεύματι Ἁγίῳ), sent (ἀποσταλέντι) from heaven (οὐρανοῦ).  You have seen things (εἰς ἃ) about which angels (ἄγγελοι) long (ἐπιθυμοῦσιν) to see (παρακύψαι).”  This author explained that the Israelite prophets were not serving themselves but rather them, the followers of Jesus Christ.  These prophets formerly revealed things that were now taking place.  These things had been announced to them by the apostles and disciples of Jesus Christ who had brought the good news of salvation to them by the Holy Spirit who came down from heaven.  Now these followers of Jesus Christ in the areas of Asia Minor were seeing and hearing things that angels had hoped to see.  Have you ever seen things that only angels see?

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