The human tongue (chapter 3)

James said that the human tongue is a small human organ, yet it can do great things.  The tongue is like a small fire that can cause great damage in a forest.  Thus, the tongue can set the body on fire and stain the whole human body.  The tongue itself is set on fire by the fires of hell.  Humans are able to tame various species, beasts, birds, reptiles, and sea creatures.  Yet no one has been able to tame the restless, evil, and poisoned human tongue.  At the same time, the human mouth is able to bless God, the Father, and curse other human beings made in the image of God.  This should not be.  You should not have a blessing and cursing tongue in the same mouth.  The openings of spring waters do not pour out fresh and tainted waters from the same place.  Fig trees do not yield olives.  Grapevines do yield figs.  Salt water cannot yield fresh water.  Human tongues should bless and not curse.  How do you use the tongue in your mouth?

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