Outline of the Epistle of James

Some view that this epistle has no overarching outline so that this epistle is merely a grouped together essays without having a more linear, Greco-Roman structure in mind.  Certainly, James is not a true piece of correspondence between specific parties formulated as a letter for circulation.  However, there are probably between three and seven key themes, since others see a more structured approach.  This author seems to have been a purposeful theologian, carefully weaving his smaller units together into larger fabrics of thought.  James spoke about faith and wisdom, poverty and wealth, as well the trials and temptations of life.  His readers or listeners were to hear and do the word, with his famous distinction between faith and works.  They had to watch what they said, since true wisdom came from heaven.  They should avoid friendship with the world and judging their brothers.  They should not boast.  He warned them against the problems of being rich.  Finally, he wanted them to be patient and pray.  Do all writings have a strict structure?

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