Jewish Christians

Was this letter addressed only to Jewish Christians?  Was there an internal split among the early first century Jewish Christians?  Some Jewish Christians maintained that you had to be a Jew before you could become a Christian.  Was there even a place for non-Jewish Christians in this new community of believers in Jesus Christ?  The two factions were represented by James who emphasized the importance of the Jewish law, and Paul, who said that the Jewish law was no longer in effect.  Peter kept the two groups together.  As seen here in Hebrews, this new community of followers of Jesus Christ replaced Israel as God’s favorite.  The old sacrifices were now useless with the new sacrifice of Jesus Christ taking its place.  The Christian attitude towards Jews and Judaism has been formed from this letter to the Hebrews.  The author of this work had not thought out the future implications of a new Israel versus the old Israel.  Do you think that you have to be Jewish to be a follower of Jesus Christ?

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