Things to avoid (Titus 3:9)


Stupid controversies,



And quarrels

About the law.

They are


And worthless.”

μωρὰς δὲ ζητήσεις καὶ γενεαλογίας καὶ ἔριν καὶ μάχας νομικὰς περιΐστασο· εἰσὶν γὰρ ἀνωφελεῖς καὶ μάταιοι.

Paul said, “Avoid (περιΐστασο) stupid (μωρὰς δὲ) controversies (ζητήσεις), genealogies (καὶ γενεαλογίας), dissensions (καὶ ἔριν), and quarrels (καὶ μάχας) about the law (νομικὰς).  They are (εἰσὶν γὰρ) unprofitable (ἀνωφελεῖς) and worthless (καὶ μάταιοι).”  Only the Pauline letters used this word γενεαλογίας, that means the making of a pedigree or a genealogy, and the word ἔριν, that means strife, contention, or wrangling, as well as the word μάχας, that means a fight, battle, conflict, strife, contention, or quarrel, and the word ἀνωφελεῖς, that means unprofitable or useless.  Paul told Titus, as he had told Timothy, to avoid any kind of controversies.  Here Paul mentioned that Titus should not get involved with stupid controversies in particular, as well as other dissensions, genealogies and disputes about the Jewish law because they were useless and a waste of time.  Paul wanted Titus to stay on task, not to be distracted by various disputes.  Do you get distracted with stupid arguments?

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