We have been justified by grace (Titus 3:7)

“We have been justified

By his grace.


We might become heirs

According to the hope

Of eternal life.”

ἵνα δικαιωθέντες τῇ ἐκείνου χάριτι κληρονόμοι γενηθῶμεν κατ’ ἐλπίδα ζωῆς αἰωνίου.

Paul said, “We have been justified (ἵνα δικαιωθέντες) by his grace (τῇ ἐκείνου χάριτι).  Thus, we might become (γενηθῶμεν) heirs (κληρονόμοι) according to the hope (κατ’ ἐλπίδα) of eternal life (ζωῆς αἰωνίου).”  Paul ended this mini-hymn by saying that we have been justified by God’s grace.  We now hope to be the heirs of eternal life.  We have been saved, renewed, and justified by the grace of Jesus Christ in the baptismal waters of regeneration.  Thus, our expectation is eternal life with Jesus Christ.  Do you expect a heavenly eternal life with Jesus Christ?

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