A firm grasp of the faithful word (Titus 1:9)

“A bishop

Must have a firm grasp

Of the faithful word

In accordance

With the teaching.


He may be able

Both to preach

With sound doctrine

And to refute those

Who contradict it.”

ἀντεχόμενον τοῦ κατὰ τὴν διδαχὴν πιστοῦ λόγου, ἵνα δυνατὸς ᾖ καὶ παρακαλεῖν ἐν τῇ διδασκαλίᾳ τῇ ὑγιαινούσῃ καὶ τοὺς ἀντιλέγοντας ἐλέγχειν.

Paul said, “A bishop must have a firm grasp (ἀντεχόμενον) of the faithful word (πιστοῦ λόγου) in accordance with the teaching (τοῦ κατὰ τὴν διδαχὴν).  Thus, he may be able (ἵνα δυνατὸς) both to preach (ᾖ καὶ παρακαλεῖν) with sound doctrine (ἐν τῇ διδασκαλίᾳ τῇ ὑγιαινούσῃ) and to refute (ἐλέγχειν) those who contradict it (καὶ τοὺς ἀντιλέγοντας).”  Paul told Titus that a bishop should have a good understanding about the words of faith according to the correct teaching.  He had to be grounded in the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  Thus, he would be able to preach sound and correct doctrine about Jesus Christ and at the same time refute those people who contradicted him.  Do you have a good grasp of Christian doctrine?

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