Aim to please the officers (2 Tim. 2:4)

“No one serving

In the army

Gets entangled

In everyday affairs.

The soldier’s aim

Is to please

The enlisting officers.”

οὐδεὶς στρατευόμενος ἐμπλέκεται ταῖς τοῦ βίου πραγματείαις, ἵνα τῷ στρατολογήσαντι ἀρέσῃ.

Paul said, “No one serving in the army (οὐδεὶς στρατευόμενος) gets entangled (ἐμπλέκεται) in everyday affairs (ταῖς τοῦ βίου πραγματείαις).  The soldier’s aim is to please (ἀρέσῃ) the enlisting officers (ἵνα τῷ στρατολογήσαντι).”  Only this letter to Timothy used this unique word ἐμπλέκεται, that means to weave in, to entwine, to involve with, or entangle, and the word πραγματείαις, that means careful application, hard work, a business, an occupation, an affair, or transactions, as well as the word στρατολογήσαντι, that means to enlist soldiers, an army, or enlisted troops.  Paul indicated that Timothy should keep his focus on what counted.  Anyone serving in the army does not get involved in everyday matters.  His sole aim is to please his commanding officers.  In other words, Timothy should keep his eye on the prize, and not get bogged down in everyday mundane affairs.  He was a leader in the army of Jesus Christ.  He had to follow the lead of his commanding officer.  In this case, it was Paul himself.  Do you get too involved in mundane everyday affairs?

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