A bishop must keep a good house (1 Tim. 3:4)

“A bishop must manage

His own household well.

He must keep

His children submissive.

They must be respectful

In every way.”

τοῦ ἰδίου οἴκου καλῶς προϊστάμενον, τέκνα ἔχοντα ἐν ὑποταγῇ μετὰ πάσης σεμνότητος

Paul said, “A bishop must manage (προϊστάμενον) his own household (τοῦ ἰδίου οἴκου) well (καλῶς).  He must keep his children (τέκνα ἔχοντα) submissive (ἐν ὑποταγῇ).  They must be respectful (σεμνότητος) in every way (μετὰ πάσης).”  Only the Pauline letters used this word προϊστάμενον, that means preside, rule over, give attention to, direct, maintain, or practice diligently, and the word ὑποταγῇ, that means subjection, submission, or obedience.  Only this letter to Timothy used this unique word σεμνότητος, that means seriousness, dignity, honor, or gravity.  Paul went on to explain how a bishop should take care of his own household.  His children should be submissive and respectful in every way.  He should be able to handle his own children, if he wants to be in charge of these newly developing Christian communities.  Paul had very high standards for those who wanted to be in charge of a Christian community in the first century after Jesus Christ.  Do you think we should use these high standards today?

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