You have a good faith (1 Tim. 1:19)

“You have faith

And a good conscience.

By rejecting conscience,

Certain persons

Have suffered a shipwreck

In their faith.”

ἔχων πίστιν καὶ ἀγαθὴν συνείδησιν, ἥν τινες ἀπωσάμενοι περὶ τὴν πίστιν ἐναυάγησαν·

Paul said, “You have faith (ἔχων πίστιν) and a good conscience (καὶ ἀγαθὴν συνείδησιν).  By rejecting (ἀπωσάμενοι) conscience, certain persons (ἥν τινες) have suffered a shipwreck (ἀπωσάμενοι) in their faith (περὶ τὴν πίστιν).”  Only the Pauline letters have used this word that means to suffer shipwreck, shipwrecked, or ruined.  Paul explained to Timothy that he had faith and a good conscience.  However, there were some people in Ephesus that had rejected a good conscience, so that their faith ended up in a shipwreck.  Their faith was ruined.  Paul contrasted Timothy with those who had problems with their faith in Jesus Christ.  Do you have a good conscience?

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