Some have deviated (1 Tim. 1:6)

“Some people

Have deviated

From these instructions.

They have turned away

To meaningless talk.”

ὧν τινες ἀστοχήσαντες ἐξετράπησαν εἰς ματαιολογίαν,

Paul said, “Some people have deviated (ὧν τινες ἀστοχήσαντες) from these instructions.  They have turned away (ἐξετράπησαν) to meaningless talk (ματαιολογίαν).”  Only this letter to Timothy used this unique word ἀστοχήσαντες, that means to miss the mark, miss my aim, make a false aim, or fail, and the word ἐξετράπησαν, that means to turn away, wander, forsake, or avoid, and the word ματαιολογίαν, that means idle, foolish talk, or vain speaking.  Paul used unique vocabulary to describe the situation in Ephesus.  He indicated that some Ephesian Christians failed to understand his instructions.  They had wandered into idle or foolish meaningless talk.  They were not teaching the importance of love that comes from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith.  They were involved with some kind of gibberish nonsense.  Are you involved with idle talk?

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