The purpose of instruction (1 Tim. 1:5)

“The aim

Of such instruction

Is love

That comes

From a pure heart,

A good conscience,

And a sincere faith.”

τὸ δὲ τέλος τῆς παραγγελίας ἐστὶν ἀγάπη ἐκ καθαρᾶς καρδίας καὶ συνειδήσεως ἀγαθῆς καὶ πίστεως ἀνυποκρίτου,

Paul said, “The aim (τὸ δὲ τέλος) of such instruction (τῆς παραγγελίας) is love (ἐστὶν ἀγάπη) that comes from a pure heart (ἐκ καθαρᾶς καρδίας), a good conscience (καὶ συνειδήσεως ἀγαθῆς), and a sincere (ἀνυποκρίτου) faith (καὶ πίστεως).”  Only the Pauline epistles used this word ἀνυποκρίτου, that means unhypocritical, unfeigned, without hypocrisy, or sincere.  Paul explained that the purpose of any kind of instruction was a greater love that came from a pure heart.  They had to have a good conscience to decide what is right and wrong.  Most of all, they had to have a sincere faith in Jesus Christ.  This would lead to a life of love. Does your faith lead to a life of love?

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