Neglect of work (chapter 3)

Paul said that the believing Thessalonians should avoid the idlers and unruly people in their community.  Paul commanded them in name of Jesus Christ.  These people were not living according to the traditions and instructions that Paul had given to them.  They ought to imitate Paul and his companions, since they were not idle when they were in Thessalonica.  Instead, they worked night and day and did not eat anyone’s bread without paying for it.  They were not a burden to anyone, so that they could give them an example on how the Thessalonians were to live and imitate him.  Some of the Thessalonian Christians had become idle busybodies, not doing any work.  Paul commanded that they should earn their own living by working quietly.  He had told them that anyone that was not willing to work, should not eat.  They should do what is right even when they are a little tired.  Are you a freeloader?

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