People with Paul send greetings (chapter 4)

Paul said that Tychicus, a faithful minister and fellow servant of the Lord, would tell them all about Paul and encourage them.  Onesimus, also a faithful and beloved brother, would be going with Tychicus to Colossae.  At the same time, Paul’s fellow prisoner, Aristarchus, sent greetings.  Mark, the cousin of Barnabas, might go to Colossae also.  Justus also greeted them.  These were the circumcised Christians.  On the other hand, Epaphras, who was from Colossae, also greeted them.  He had worked hard and prayed for them as well as their neighbors in Laodicea and Hierapolis.  He wanted them to stand fast in the faith of Jesus Christ.  Finally, Luke, the physician, greeted them along with Demas.

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