I. Introduction

1. Greetings

Paul and Timothy (Col. 1:1)

Grace and peace (Col. 1:2)

2. Thanksgiving

We thank God (Col. 1:3)

We have heard of your faith (Col. 1:4)

Hope (Col. 1:5)

The gospel is bearing fruit (Col. 1:6)

Epaphras (Col. 1:7)

Your love (Col. 1:8)

3. Prayer

We have not ceased praying (Col. 1:9)

Good lives (Col. 1:10)

Strong and enduring (Col. 1:11)

Give thanks (Phil. 1:12)

God has rescued us (Col. 1:13)

We have redemption (Col. 1:14)

II. The Supremacy of Christ

1. A hymn to Christ

Christ is the image of God (Col. 1:15)

All things were created for Christ (Col. 1:16)

All things center on Christ (Col. 1:17)

Christ is the head of the body (Col. 1:18)

The fullness of God (Col. 1:19)

God reconciled all things (Col. 1:20)

2. Assurances

You did evil deeds (Col. 1:21)

You are now blameless (Col. 1:22)

Remain steadfast (Col. 1:23)

3. The mission

I rejoice in suffering (Col. 1:24)

I am a servant of God (Col. 1:25)

The mystery of God (Col. 1:26)

Make known the glory of God (Col. 1:27)

We proclaim Christ (Col. 1:28)

I work for this (Col. 1:29)

4. Pastoral concerns

I am struggling (Col. 2:1)

United in love (Col. 2:2)

The treasures of wisdom (Col. 2:3)

Do not be deceived (Col. 2:4)

I rejoice in your firm faith (Col. 2:5)

III. Paul’s Labor for the Church

1. Live with Christ

Live your lives in Christ (Col. 2:6)

You are established in the faith (Col. 2:7)

Do not be led astray (Col. 2:8)

Christ is fully God (Col. 2:9)

The fullness of Christ (Col. 2:10)

Spiritual circumcision (Col. 2:11)

Buried and rise with Christ (Col. 2:12)

God made you alive (Col. 2:13)

God erased our past record (Col. 2:14)

God disarmed them (Col. 2:15)

2. Warnings against human Jewish observances

Jewish observances (Col. 2:16)

Christ is the substance (Col. 2:17)

Do not let anyone discourage you (Col. 2:18)

The head and the body (Col. 2:19)

3. An analysis of the problem

Why do you submit to regulations? (Col. 2:20)

Don’t do certain things (Col. 2:21)

Human commands (Col. 2:22)

They are useless (Col. 2:23)

IV. Rules for Holy Living

1. Union with Christ

Seek the things above (Col. 3:1)

Set your minds on things above earth (Col. 3:2)

Your life is hidden (Col. 3:3)

You will be revealed in Christ (Col. 3:4)

2. The old life

Put evil things to death (Col. 3:5)

The wrath of God (Col. 3:6)

You once followed that lifestyle (Col. 3:7)

Abusive language (Col. 3:8)

Do not lie (Col. 3:9)

3. The new self 

You have put on the new self (Col. 3:10)

No more distinctions (Col. 3:11)

The new clothes (Col. 3:12)

Forgive each other (Col. 3:13)

Clothe yourself with love (Col. 3:14)

The peace of Christ (Col. 3:15)

Sing psalms (Col. 3:16)

Everything in the name of Jesus (Col. 3:17)

4. Christian Households

Wives (Col. 3:18)

Husbands (Col. 3:19)

Children (Col. 3:20)

Fathers (Col. 3:21)

Slaves (Col. 3:22)

Do it for the Lord (Col. 3:23)

You serve the Lord Jesus (Col. 3:24)

The wrongdoer (Col. 3:25)

Masters (Col. 4:1)

5. Further Instructions

Devote yourself to prayer (Col. 4:2)

Pray for us (Col. 4:3)

May I reveal it clearly (Col. 4:4)

Be wise (Col. 4:5)

V. Final Greetings

1. People

Tychius (Col. 4:7)

Be encouraged (Col. 4:8)

Onesimus (Col. 4:9)

Aristarchus and Mark (Col. 4:10)

Justus (Col. 4:11)

Epaphras (Col. 4:12)

Epaphras has worked hard (Col. 4:13)

Luke (Col. 4:14)

2. Greetings

Nympha and the Laodicea (Col. 4:15)

Laodiceans (Col. 4:16)

Archippus (Col. 4:17)

Remember my chains (Col. 4:18)


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