Summary of the contents of Philippians

In Chapters 1 and 2 of Philippians, Paul sent word to the Philippians of his upcoming sentence in Rome.  He was optimistic in the face of death.  He wanted them to imitate his capacity to rejoice in the Lord despite one’s circumstances.  Paul assured the Philippians that his imprisonment was actually helping to spread the Christian message, rather than hindering it.  He also expressed gratitude for the devotion and heroism of Epaphroditus, who the Philippian church had sent to visit Paul and bring him gifts.  Sometime during his visit with Paul, this Epaphroditus apparently contracted some life-threatening debilitating illness.  But he recovered before being sent back to the Philippians.  In Chapter 3, Paul warned the Philippians about those Christians who insisted that circumcision was necessary for salvation.  He testified that while he once was a devout Pharisee and follower of the Jewish law, but he now considered these things to be worthless and worldly compared to the gospel of Jesus.  In Chapter 4, Paul urged the Philippians to resolve conflicts within their fellowship.  In the latter part of the chapter, Paul expressed his gratitude for the gifts that the Philippians had sent him, and assured them that God would reward them for their generosity.  Throughout this epistle there was a sense of optimism.  Paul was hopeful that he would be released.  He promised to send Timothy to the Philippians to minister to them.  He also expected to pay them a personal visit.

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