Death to life with Christ (chapter 2)

Paul explained about Jesus Christ.  We were dead, but Jesus Christ made us come alive.  Sins had killed us.  We had walked with the disobedient ones in this world, following the prince of power.  We lived by our human fleshy desires.  We were children of wrath, like everyone else.  However, God in his mercy and love made us come alive with Christ.  His grace has saved us.  God has raised us up, so that we will sit in heaven with Jesus Christ.  God’s grace and kindness will come to us in the future because of Jesus Christ.  His rich grace has saved us.  We have been saved by faith, but it is not our own doing, but the gift of God.  We cannot boast because of what we have done.  God has created us in Jesus Christ for good works.  We simply have to walk with Jesus Christ.

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