Love surpasses knowledge (Eph. 3:19)

“I pray

That you might know

The love of Christ

That surpasses knowledge,

So that you may be filled

With all the fullness of God.”

γνῶναί τε τὴν ὑπερβάλλουσαν τῆς γνώσεως ἀγάπην τοῦ Χριστοῦ, ἵνα πληρωθῆτε εἰς πᾶν τὸ πλήρωμα τοῦ Θεοῦ.

Paul said, “I pray that you might know (γνῶναί τε) the love of Christ (ἀγάπην τοῦ Χριστοῦ) that surpasses (τὴν ὑπερβάλλουσαν) knowledge (τῆς γνώσεως), so that you may be filled (ἵνα πληρωθῆτε) with all the fullness of God (εἰς πᾶν τὸ πλήρωμα τοῦ Θεοῦ).”  Only the Pauline letters used this word ὑπερβάλλουσαν, that means to throw over or beyond, to run beyond, surpass, excel, exceed, or transcend.  Paul stressed that they should appreciate and know the love of Jesus Christ that actually is greater or transcends all knowledge.  Thus, they, the Ephesians, would be filled with the fullness of God.  Paul wanted them to know about the love of God and others.  However, this love was greater than any human could comprehend.  Do you realize that love is greater than knowledge?

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