The role of circumcision (chapter 5)

Paul said that circumcision does not help.  There is no advantage with Christ to the circumcised one.  Those who are circumcised must obey the whole law, not just parts of it.  Circumcision would cut you off from Christ because you would experience a fall from grace.  We wait for the hope for righteousness by faith and the Holy Spirit.  Circumcision is of no value, since only faith through love counts.  Why did you not obey the truth?  Who stopped you from obeying the truth?  God has called you.  Watch out for the little evil yeast that leavens the dough.  Paul had confidence in the Lord.  Why was he persecuted?  Paul believed in the stumbling block of the cross. He ended by saying those who preach circumcision should mutilate themselves.

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