Transgression and restoration (Gal. 6:1)


If anyone is detected

In a transgression,

You who have received

The Spirit

Should restore him

In a spirit of gentleness.

Look to yourself!

Do not be tempted!”

Ἀδελφοί, ἐὰν καὶ προλημφθῇ ἄνθρωπος ἔν τινι παραπτώματι, ὑμεῖς οἱ πνευματικοὶ καταρτίζετε τὸν τοιοῦτον ἐν πνεύματι πραΰτητος, σκοπῶν σεαυτόν, μὴ καὶ σὺ πειρασθῇς.

Paul said, “Brothers (Ἀδελφοί)!  If anyone is detected (ἐὰν καὶ προλημφθῇ ἄνθρωπος) in a transgression (ἔν τινι παραπτώματι), you who have received the Spirit (ὑμεῖς οἱ πνευματικοὶ καταρτίζετε) should restore him in a spirit of gentleness (τὸν τοιοῦτον ἐν πνεύματι πραΰτητος).  Look to yourself (σκοπῶν σεαυτόν)!  Do not be tempted (μὴ καὶ σὺ πειρασθῇς)!”  Only the Pauline letters used this word πραΰτητος, that means gentleness or mildness.  Paul took up the question of fraternal correction.  If someone was detected or caught in a transgression, the spiritual ones in the Christian community should help to restore him in a gentile or kind way.  They should not be harsh towards their sinful brothers.  However, they should be careful not to be tempted to do the same transgression.  How do you treat people who you think are doing wrong things?

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